Scroll Bar Missing?


Hey guys, I am currently on a Lenovo Yoga and when on the website using Chrome I do not see a scroll bar on the right. I am using the touch screen to maneuver through the website. Not sure if this is a bug or if it is intentional but I’m sure @tarun can answer this for me.


We were just trying to be smart on chrome with extra CSS, reverted back to default. Should be fine now, can you double check though?


Haha you know I was about to ask about the CSS. And yeah its fine now thank you good sir. I also found a small bug the other day I want to try and recreate it. But on mobile I hit the search button and then tried hitting the hamburger drop down menu and it wouldn’t work. I will try and recreate it now and let you know.

EDIT: I could not recreate that bug ignore me!!


Has this issue been resolved and confirmed?