Schedule still good?


Hello I’m wondering if the scheduled release date of July 31st is still good, I am hoping to play very soon and if it isn’t that day still I still have time to stock up on resources. If it is though I’ll have to kick into overdrive lol. That’s all




defiantly not the original schedule but fingers crossed for shipping and release soon


From what I read in their updates it looks like the first shipment got pushed back a couple weeks, so should be shipping any day. I was hoping the last update would verify that, but it didn’t.


Here’s to hoping we get an update soon


Who knows if this game will ever come out. But I was just told about another laser tag with your phone, and its out now. So I might give it a try, and maybe this one will come out one day.


Stop making with them negative waves


Hi. Thank you for joining the forum. The certificate process is taking longer than expected, but that isn’t a bad thing. The good that comes out of it is a refined product that has been approved by multiple certifying authorities, and a new game that many players will enjoy.


It has been over 2 years since I pledged money and still nothing. I will be dead before it arrives.


Guys!!! Look at my topic Panty Twisting Rant 2, If things happen correctly, we will get a lot of answers!!! GO GO GO!!!


Then we should be informed on what stage the certification process is in and what the hangups are…