Running slowly in Samsung s6 edge+


Well, I got my New 4 interceptors, and tried with friends. But we couldn’t play because it was running too slow. Moving the camera was like it had too many fps.

We have Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus and s7 edge. I downloaded the app on 3rd january.

Maybe my Phone is too slow? Thanks


so hate to be the bad guy here but believe this could be helpful.
is the animation of items laggy or is it the actual camera?

my best guess is the actual animation of items which could be a couple things.
cpu and or process on that phone is way high! might try restarting the phone make sure no applications are open and start up the
the other thing could be your data or wifi is not updating fast enough.

those seem like fast and good enough phones to play try these tel us if any difference.


if the app goes temporarily in the background (eg: you receive a push notification) the camera of the phone become very slow on some device.
We’ll release a new version on Monday that solves this problem. Please keep us updated!

PS: We are testing the app actively on Galaxy S6, so don’t worry, we’ll keep on optimizing the game - here’s the development roadmap.


Thank you everybody. I was very nervous the first day when I received my
pack. And everything were worries, but after crash in my first attempt, I
touched my configuration in my Phone and discovered, I had a saving energy
mode that used a low resolution. So now is ok. Its fantastic. Thanks to


One question that I think fits in here:

If I set the quality setting to “High” the game is unplayable due to the lag on my One Plus 3. On “Low” it is no problem (well a little lag but I think it is nearly normal).

I had never problems with high quality settings so I wonder if this is “normal” and only needs optimization or is my phone really that bad?

On which phones and settings are you playing (@ all) ?


Low and High settings at the moment are very close, but low fix the frame rate to 30fps instead of 60fps (high setting), this makes the device consume less power, avoid throttling and heating that are #1 cause of slowing the game.

Further improvement of performance for low-end devices will come soon.