Return the app to AppStore


I bought two devices and I waiting for more than a week to play the game, but I can’t because the app are not available for iPhone


Strange. I have it on the iPhone but it is not currently available in the store. It also won’t let me share it I was going to try and link it for you. Though right now it is just the custom matches.


They removed the app from AppStore but don’t give us one deadline to the app be available again.


From what I have been able to find information wise. Is that it is not who removed it but apple due to the nature of the game in being violent and thereby infringing on the Apple policy for apps. They are in talks with Apple to get it fixed but as it is apple there is no way to effectively judge a time frame. What they are estimating based on knowlege of apples dealing in prior is that it will be about two months if it is approved and obviously longer if not till they can figure out what they need to do to get it approved again.