[Request] MMO Update Tutorial Video



FatherIO Community,
a few days ago we published another update to our MMO beta app brining you some new features and some changes in the game mechanics.

Who want to make a tutorial video explaining the game mechanics & the changes made?
We really appreciate your input on this, and - if it is really cool - we can share the best one on all our social media channels!

Be the Hero!



@IamYourVirtualFather you mean the tactical map one? I hope I haven’t missed an fps beta


Tactical map, yes. You haven’t missed the fps beta :slight_smile:


Cool! Any requirements for the tutorial?


Well @Sapper already has a YouTube Channel for father.io so He is going to Do that soon I suppose.


The day of the update, I was sitting in the airport getting ready to leave Hawaii haha. I am currently on a vacation trip in California, but I’ll be gathering information and doing recon to find various POIs. I’ve already found quite a few interesting places (and captured them :wink:) in San Francisco. I’ll be in Los Angeles in a few days and back to Hawaii on the 5th! Hopefully by then I’ll have enough to talk about in the next few videos :smiley:


Hi, (my 1st post here, please excuse my English…)

it should be great to have some official tutorials for the game. When I started to play a beta, I have to learn how to play by myself, from informations on this forum, from some (a few good) videos on youtube, some informations I found on wiki … There should be some official tutorials for players, wrote by creators of this game!

Two years ago I bought ‘national’ domain for this game, but till today I can’t create any content there, because I really don’t know if my informations there will be ‘correct’ …

So please support us (as we’re supporting you on indiegogo) and give us some more and valid informations, thanks! :]


Before we attempt to make a tutorial, we should fix the small bugs - starting with the First building bug described in this post. :sunglasses:


that one has been taken care of sapper!


Is the update for that also out already?


yep, no app update is needed for this one.


Ill try to get a video up as soon as possible. Just need to get the familiar with the recording app on my phone


@DemonWaffle would be happy to do this I don’t doubt. He gave a very good tutorial video before when the game first came out or so.


@IamYourVirtualFather @tarun Here is a tutorial I put together for the Father.IO Tactical Map Beta Version 1.5! I hope I hit everything, and if you can find the glitches kudos to you :sunglasses:

Sapper - Father.IO Tactical Map Beta Tutorial

You also get a sneak peak into how much resources I’ve collected so far :sweat_smile:



I have a youtube channel and already making preparations for a tutorial video. I tried watching the ones already up on youtube and found they were lacking and alittle out dated in information however videos out now are still good and well made. I’m currently building up my area and learning as much about the game as I can before starting a video tutorial.