Reply by email badge does not work (Fixed, topic can be locked)


Testing the badges on the site for the fun of it
Seems that the

First Reply By Email

This badge is granted the first time you reply to a post via email e-mail.

Dose not work/dose not unlock when doing so (it may be known seeing that no one got it yet :stuck_out_tongue:)

Also is there any point trying to test these? dose it help with anything?
Is there a place with known issues/bugs on the site or the like?

Just wondering




Do you know if this has been fixed? @RaNar @rangerwolfy @RandomName @DarthVader


Sometimes it takes a while for a badge reward to kick in.
If this is a bug it is a bug for every discourse forum out there. (the framework we run)


Did not receive it yet so guess il address the bug to discourse if its not open yet


Not yet


Bug report opened on the Discourse forums:


On the Discourse post i made (and linked before) they said they fixed it,
so that needs to be working now hopefully (Testing…)

Tested, and seems like it works now, so these topic can be closed


Awesome @Black_Blade! Thank you for bringing that up with the Discourse team :sunglasses: