Recording Screenplay


Hey guys, it just occurred to me that everyone is gonna have some awesome footage they’ll wish they’d been able to record, y’know - when you single handedly fight of two dozen Evolved trying to raid your friend’s home base and headshot every single one of them, and I’m using an app that can do just that. It’s called AZ Screen Recorder and it’s been working really well for me! It’s easy to use, works smoothly, has great quality, and has no limits on video length etc. They’ve also got a plugin to edit the videos, although I have only just realised this and downloaded it, so I haven’t been able to try it and the reviews aren’t looking that great so maybe wait a while on that one. I’ll let you know what I think of it.

If you want to see what the quality is like, take a look at my Walking War Robots vids on my YouTube channel:

Here’s a link to the app:

Happy hunting!
(Btw, I am in no way affiliated with the app, I just thought you guys would appreciate the heads up :slight_smile: )

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Same account in other phone?

Good point @MEGAPHONIC !
I also thought about this but I hope it won’t take a bite in the device’s resources.
As long as you have a good smartphone all should be ok but I’m sure some people won’t be able to combine running the FPS game and record their screen at the same time.


Yeah true, it runs fine with WWR, which always has 12 live players per match, lots of explosions, lots of bullets and rockets, and lots of… well lots of everything really, but some phones just can’t cope with the concept of multitasking eh! L


This looks awesome! I’m looking into getting a Samsung G7 or Edge anyway, so this app may be my savior. Right now I’m just plugging my iPhone into my laptop and using Quicktime lol


@Sapper Serves you right for having an iPhone :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Didn’t they say that every game gets recorded anyway?


Looks good, thanks for the recommission, was looking my self on what app to use for it, as there so many out there
il make sure to try it out


I got a problem with those apps that the screen is tooo small to make it a good video. im the only one it seems?


@MightyNederland In what way exactly do you mean that the screen is too small?


My problem now is that its so small the recorded content that you cant read the letters for example


Hmmm well I don’t know about other apps but I do know that I use screen mirroring to play these videos on my 50" TV and there’s no degradation in picture quality, all the writing is a good size and is as crisp as on my phone, the colours are perfect, and the motion is completely smooth.




Odd duck.
That’s likeable.


The big THEM. L


I have that and there were some compatibility issues with the overlay on top of i managed to change permisions and make it work eventually. Also donated and got the extras that came with it, really worth it imo.


For recording I use mobizen I don’t know if there is a better one.:


Hmm Facecam, that’s something AZ doesn’t have…


Sure it does. Besides, Mobizen gives you a watermark


Oh crap yeah! I got so used to the interface menu I totally forgot about the settings menu and that I’d turned off the camera! L Cheers for reminding me Darthy :slight_smile:


At first you can see the logo of mobizen. But when you go in the settings you can turn it off :slight_smile: so no more watermark. I will try both to see the quality of the recording. I don’t know which one will be the best.