Reapers Recruiting


I was not really serious :expressionless:

I am up for a game with all human players, regardless of team, location etc.
IMHO, human is one faction. One team.
I am all for having set sets of teams who specialise in something or are just friends.
For me, FPS is just one part of the game. But I don’t think I will stick to quick matches or battling for areas. The storyline is very much important to me and I would dedicate my efforts to the overall success of the human faction. Teams should not be boundaries to be included or excluded from fighting the Evolved.

Uniting as one team seems more important to me at this stage then creating sub-teams within the human faction first. Tough perhaps a lot may depend on alpha game mechanics that at this stage we really don’t know a lot about.


Essentially the same thing that i am doing. Except mine is united under the Reaper’s name. But I see your point ^^