Reapers Recruiting


So I know it’s a bit early, since the game has not come out yet but Reapers is recruiting.

What are the Reapers?
We are a globally made team with communications all around.

What is the benefit of Joining Reapers?
Besides from a secure communication with fellow humans of the Reaper conglomerate? Lets see, if you put a call out for Reapers to come and assist you, some may be able to. Reinforcements in other words. Tips can be offered in a more secure channel then over an open channel. And being a part of a growing global team that will eventually lead the war against the Evolved.

Where can I join?
You can join by following the link at the bottom of this post.

Does Reapers have allies?
If other teams come forward, then yes we will. A channel will be added in the future for alliances.

Are their any requirements?
Yes. You must be a Human. No Evolved scum. (Sorry goldfishies. Hahahahaha.)

Disclaimer: The main Reapers name has already been claimed. Names like AlphaReapers OmegaReapers, XReapersX, etc can still be used. It is entirely up to you.If you’re part of a team already and wish to join for the Alliance channel, let me know right away. I will get everything set.
If you have any more questions please feel free to ask.
Now as promised, here is the link:

Enjoy the channel (s) and enjoy the future war coming out soon. The Evolved will hear the Reaper name and fear it.
We are the Reapers. Our scythes taking the fight from those goldfish and taking their lives. We are the last line of Defense and the first to fight.


hey, it says that the discord link expired. do you think you could get me an invite? Thanks!


Should be good. If anyone has any issues, just ask and I’ll orovide one.


That one works! Thank you!


Aww I should’ve picked humans… It’s okay. Is there a way to change factions?


Count me in!


If the link doesn’t work, let me know.


How can I join? I downloaded the app but I don’t what to do.


If you downloaded discord, you can just click on the link above. That will send you into the room. At least it should.


I tried to open the app with the link above but when the app opens it tells me that the instant invite is blocked or expired. I also tried to open the app by my own and paste the link’s code and again I had the same problem.


Thank you for letting me know.
Here’s a new invite.


That one is working, thanks RaNar. :wink:


@RaNar, I don’t know how much experience you have with discord but it seems that you keep making 30-minute invites (the default expiration time). When you create an invite you should be able to tick a box that says “Set this link to never expire”.


Hey @1R1SHMAN69 I actually set it to never expire and unlimited use. I don’t know why it goes to the 30 minute one.


I am part of a very exciting team with secure comms etc. We are called the humans \o/
We dont differenciate between other teams and when you pick human as a faction you will be eligible to join. We are building a community where fellow humens can join and discuss the way foreword. All plans put foreword by any human player will be encurraged.


it would be cool if you could list your team in my Amino Community, Father.IO.HQ (search Amino Chat App on both app stores) its purpose is to accommodate teams and events where we can all view and connect etc.

you can also post links back to your discord, website, blog, tube etc. there are also many native features for video, blogging, quizzes, competitions, live chat… (the list is long).

what is Amino?

Amino Chat. is a mobile only platform that allows you to search and engage in many interests via its individual communities. it boasts around 13million users (as of Dec 2016) and my objective is to try and raise awareness for Father.IO

So if anyone is building teams or putting out content please drop by and list your Faction/Teams.
if you get stuck i have provided guides and how to’s plus i am on hand for advice.


This one is expired for me, could you please give me a new one?


Here you go @Heisenberg


yea thanks for straight up blanking me.

and to think i actually reached out to offer some advice to you previously (when you where setting up for youtube).

moderator-team leader. 3 days to respond doesn’t really make sense either.

good luck.


I’m sorry? All your previous post referred to was your Amino Channel. Though I may have not responded, it doesn’t mean I haven’t read it or considered it. And also because i haven’t listed with you yet doesn’t mean that I won’t.
I’m not the only one on the Reapers team that makes this decision. I don’t just decide for my team, I ask them. So far, the consensus is still 50/50. So please, don’t think of it as me avoiding you or not listening. Because I always do listen and I take things into consideration. I may not reply right away, or may go a few days without replying, but it doesn’t mean i haven’t taken notice.
Thank you for your time @Code00.

Edit: As to the YouTube thing, that’s an entitely different discussion and thread.