Raiding Enemy Squares


I have a few questions/suggestions regarding Raiding, that may improve gameplay:

  1. Why is it that I can only raid a certain percentage of resources from any one square? For instance, it costs me 50% of my energy, but after the 6 minutes, I can only raid 30 of each resource off a full enemy square.

  2. Why can I only raid squares in person? It would make more sense that I could raid squares via drone, since I can harvest via drone. The penalty might be that the drone must remain over the square it is raiding, and a defending player can shoot it down, costing you all the resources the drone was gathering, and denying you access to the drone until you can retrieve/repair it.

  3. Why can I not raid an enemy vault directly? It would make more sense that, if I have to stand on a square to raid it, I should also be able to raid any/all structures present on that square, such as vaults, armories, and resource structures.

Just a few questions/suggestions I am seeking answers to…


I don’t have answers for questions 1 and 3 but I do have one for number 2.
You have to be there in person because this game is meant for people to get up, move around, and intersct with others. Whether the interaction is a firefight or just communication on how to take an enemy’s area. You are meant to move.
Using the drone would defeat that purpose.


I understand the impetus to get up and move, but if I can use a drone as well as move in person, then I can raid 50% faster, since both myself, and my drone are raiding. If I had multiple drones, then I could really give an enemy player a headache, since not only am I raiding, but all my drones are too.

Maybe a rule that you can only deploy a drone to raid if you are already actively raiding an adjacent square would prevent laziness.


Absolutely great points. Contrast to popular opinions of AR games, I don’t believe that the team is trying to force anybody to go outside. They did implement a drone feature for those who want to play the game from the comfort of their own homes. This drone feature will carry through to the full version as well, and it looks like players will be able to do more than harvest with them. :sunglasses:

Like @RaNar mentioned, I feel that players should have to be present for some features, but not all. For instance, PvP battles should be done in-person. There’s no getting around that. However, to defend a POI that has an enemy drone harvesting it, then I think that a Drone-vs-Drone battle would be another great feature in the game!

This way, all players can specialize in something that they enjoy. It can be anything from being the best fighter, best supporter, best defender, best drone operator, best equipment specialist, etc. There’s a lot of potential for this game and the developers are doing a great job “fitting a lot into a little.” :sunglasses:


Drone v drone intereceptions, that sounds interesting and perhaps could have a future minigame.