Quickmatch lights on inceptor


I’ve noticed that when i create a quickmatch deathmatch, whenever i choose the human faction, my inceptor emits a yellow light. When i choose the evolved faction on the second player it starts emitting a blue light once the game starts (2 players).

Don’t know if this is intentional: you shoot the colour of your own faction? Or a minor misshap.
It doesn’t really matter obviously since it’s free-for-all mode, so i blast away at anything that moves, but it just felt off.
I simply want to be shooting at that yellow yolk/joke called “evolved”.

Saving up for a euro, so 2 more cents.


@Maragan thanks for the feedback. We have at the moment the correct light only on team deathmatch. But you are right, it will be nice to have blue lights for human and yellow for evolved also on free4all.
Added in our bucket feature list for the devs.