Quick match issues


After receiving my inceptors, I played some 1 v 1 quick matches to test them out. I encountered the following issues:

  1. In a single match, only one player was able to deal damage to the other.
  2. In a single match, one player was in the match with a greyed out screen. Never fully joined to participate in the match.
  3. In a single match, one player was awarded stars for 2 kills for every kill performed.
  4. When joining matches, the other player was sometimes referred to as a “dummy” using a generic name; not the username of the player who had created by the match.
  5. When joining matches, the delay between when a match was created and when the other phone found the match to join was too long, sometimes resulting in the countdown to end.

The phones used were a Samsung Galaxy and an IPhone 6S plus. We played on a Telus wifi with download speeds of 25 mbps.


I can confirm this. We played a little test game 1on1 and had the same issue that one player got double points for kills.


Nice find! Could you guys post a video of this and the type of devices were involved in the matches? I’m sure it’ll help the dev team :sunglasses:


Thanks for reporting the bugs. We’ll look at them and come back shortly with some questions


Thanks for looking into them. I’ll try to play some more games this week to see if they occur again. Perhaps I’ll try to do some screen recording, as @Sapper suggested.


@Ursus - we are looking into this: can you please share your username, the location and when
you did play the battle, so we can analyse the log server side too?