QR code complaint


so i scanned the QR code with my moms phone to test the inceptors because my wifes phone has no space on it… is there some way i can manage a reset for the QR code so we can actually play together when my wifes new phone comes in or am i just up a sh*t creek with no paddle? @IamYourVirtualFather @Sapper


not trying to be a butthole about it, just really hoping someone can help, id like to connect it via a separate account that can be shared among friends until an update allowing multiple users to utilize the same inceptor can be finished… if the only account that can be used is my moms ill never get to use the inceptor i bought because shes not exactly the lazer tag type


Honestly I have a feeling they didn’t thought it trough.
When the QR is scanned by a regular QR scanner app you you can read the content, which is something like a serial number.
Naturally I would assume the way it is implemented is that the serial number is attached to the specific account you have scanned it with (since scanning can only occur after the log in). Therefore once you scan the QR from withing the app the serial number is “used” and in response the account will be granted the ability to pair with the device.
I believe it is possible to request from customer support a one time disconnection of the serial number from “temporary” account in order to activate some other. It will probably be reviewed in case by case basis, and in your case allowed.
You should try opening a ticket.
But IMO there should be a large font warning near the QR to think twice before activating the account.


already did… i was panicking last night… im patient, waited this long just hope they dont forget me…


@TheHatter In the app, click on the gear icon in the top left. Click on Log Out. It will then “unpair” your interceptor. You can then use the QR code for a different account. At least I think that is what I’ve read previously. I could be wrong.


NO! This is wrong!
Scanning the QR Code with an account binds that code to that account permanently (at this moment)


what @Ihsees said it is tied to the account not the phone.


Apologises for the misinformation.


I read somewhere you can connect the interceptor to a specific account and it
was suggested to setup a ‘generic’ account for each one.

And label each interceptor as #1 - #N.

Then just give the emails to the friends.