Project Update! (June 18, 2017)


We got a project update! Cue the fanfare To see how this looks with pics, check out the link I have here. Otherwise, this is a copy-paste job.

Pre-series Inceptor Tests in Shenzhen

Backers, humans, evolved, we know it, it’s sooo big time for another update, but finally here we are! It’s been long since our last one but time flies and so quickly when you are working on such an exciting project like this - we cannot but want to give the best to such incredible backers like you all!

We have great news for you, as we were anticipating on our social channels and in our last update Francesco, our CEO and Stefano, our hardware project manager, have just come back from Shenzhen, China, where they have been carrying out hardware tests: more precisely we have been supervising the first round of the production of the pre-series of our Inceptors.

We have been testing both the plastic component and the PCB of our pre-series Inceptors in the factory in Shenzhen in order to guarantee you the best user experience. We are extremely satisfied with the tests and timing seems also pretty good, so we should be able to keep our dates of July 31st for the first round of preorders shipment and August 14th for the second one.

Here you have a few images of the factory staff assembling the Inceptor and of how the “baby” actually looks like - isn’t it great? Father.IO takes shape - every day your wait gets shorter and we are closer to it: it would not have been possible without you backers.

And here it is how it will actually look like when you will hold it in your hand!

We are extremely excited about this progress and we want to share more frequent updates from now on. If you have any questions on the game check out the community at

If you need to update your shipping address…

A last note on your Inceptors: you still have few weeks to start double-checking your shipping address and change it if necessary. We are going to close this in the next future for organisational reasons.

If you wish to update your shipping address please do so from your pc or laptop (this Indiegogo feature apparently doesn’t work on mobile). Here is how to proceed:

  1. Click your username at the top-right corner.
  2. Click “My Contributions” from the pull-down menu.
  3. Find our campaign and under the “Perk” column click “View Order Details”
  4. Click “UPDATE ADDRESS”.

Congrats, you changed your address!

Thanks as usual for your invaluable support and remember, there is not so much time left for the battle to start!

The Father.IO team