Project Update! July 9, 2017


We got a project update! Do you want to see the pretty pictures? Use the link:

What follows is a copy and paste job:

Product certification process and packaging for Father.IO

Dear Father.IO community,

as usual, first lines of the updates are for thanking you for your patience and unconditional support. We have some news regarding the product update, particularly on the certification process for the Inceptors and for its packaging.

As explained in our former update focussing on the Inceptor pre-series tests, we have now reached the product certification phase, which is necessary in order to guarantee a product that meets legal requirement and specifications as it has passed performance and quality assurance tests. It is something very important we cannot just overlook as it definitely has an impact on your safety.

During the tests carried out, the manufacturers have assembled the radio part of the Inceptor device with an incorrect component. Luckily the defect has been detected before the FCC and CE final certification tests and is currently being rectified, but has led to a delay in the certification process, which might ultimately have an impact of a pair of weeks on the shipping dates. We already solved these issues and we are ready to have the fixed pieces going through final compliance check with our agency.

Other than that, as you will see from the pictures, our brand new packaging is good to go - pretty stylish! Doesn’t quite look as a gala suit, but so be it: it’s ready to go printing for your pre-orders. Ready to be unwrapped for the battle!

Shipping address update: last call!

A last note on your Inceptors: you still have some time to start double-checking your shipping address and change it if necessary. We are going to lock the possibility of updating your shipping address on Friday 14th at 9 am PDT for organisational reasons.

If you wish to update your shipping address please do so from your pc or laptop (this Indiegogo feature apparently doesn’t work on mobile). Here is how to proceed:

  1. Click your username at the top-right corner.

  2. Click “My Contributions” from the pull-down menu.

  3. Find our campaign and under the “Perk” column click “View Order Details”

  4. Click “UPDATE ADDRESS”.

Congrats, you changed your address!

The Father.IO team

Inceptors sent?