Possible leak of new factions


I was just looking at this pic and I see 4 arrows here is what I see (excuse my childish color choice) so here’s what I’m thinking

I’ll check for other symbols to fill the other two in let me know what you guys think :sunglasses:


I’ll confirm 2 factions for the time being. 3 would only be considered if we hit 500k on the indiegogo and then have the vote go that way. We don’t need a red faction chat already. :stuck_out_tongue: Personally I think the dynamic storyline is the way to go and I also think the devs hope the vote goes that way as well.


Hey its just an idea since we all know what happened to intergress with only 2 teams and besides you should consider my idea of the earthborn its somewhere on here I even found a symbol I just need to work on it make it digital maybe :stuck_out_tongue:


you lost me? what happened with only having 2 factions?


One gains dominance and the game isn’t fair anymore to put it basic


I know Ingress and all the politics. BUT more factions doesn’t mean better balance. Math can prove it and I have a post somewhere on it. Besides Strategy trumps #s and I’ve proved that before in practice.


That’s very true I am one to understand this since I play paintball I can take out half the team easily sometimes more if I’m feeling lucky so yeah I can beat a team 1 vs 10 if I get my terrain to be in my favor I can’t wait​:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::sunglasses: and you have good point I’ll leave it to you guys keep on working


I’d like to see that post.


Maybe the storyline could unfold and a new generation can come from Human + Evolved = 3rd Generation/Faction :thinking: