Possible GPS Spoofing


I have checked this out in my area, as mentioned the hacking power bar alone limits land claiming. More importantly though, the way the mock system atleast in my phone works acts completely randomly and shifts around unpredictably within a fairly small region of about 3-5 square radius. There is no advantage at all because i cannot deliberately or precisely control where my location is. I could claim territory and build assets but it took literally days to do and if someone should attempt a raid i would need to rely on pure luck. Even if the spoofer managed to land on the raided area to block, i could not consecutively block multiple times predictably. For conducting raids its virtually impossible still since again i would need to rely purely on luck to land on an enemy territory, then i have to stay there for a pretty long while, in which the mock system simply cannot stay more than about 3-5 minutes at most as i have seen. Time of raids goes far beyond that and you will just be wasting hacking power vs actually going there. I also dont see the usefulness in battles, sure maybe you can fool wearable radar users and drones a bit, but there might be an in game perk for spoofing anyhow someday, either way it cannot defeat the line of sight of the inceptors.

Since it seems the point of the game will on battles more than harvesting i dont see how mocking will be useful or incentivized. I think it might actually be more of a general hinderance to progress and leveling up and is liable to helping the other side more.


Any gps mocking that can be done now can be done because anti spoofing measures where not implemented in this very basic beta.

That said, it should not have been done in the beta either. When the real game goes life we get to keep our harvested resourses. Initially i thought this was a very good perk but i am changing my point of view on this slightly.

As gps spoofing is apparently so easy with the beta it could easily be possible for someone to have obtained the resourses in inapropiate ways and it was most likely not detected or even detectable for the dev team. Therefore it seems much fairer to either cap the resourses amount carried over or not carry them over from beta to real app at all.
Many ppl here have already reported that they have done this with great ease.


resources are not the focus of the game, resources are a point of contest instead and there is no way to control spoofing in a precise and predictable manner as spoofing relies on constantly shifting the projected location in random fashion. It is NOT a problem. Keep in mind i live where there wont be much competition and there is abundant space to capture therefore i am not saying this to protect any advantage for myself. Spoof-gained territory still must be protected and the only way to do that is to physically get up and contest the area. Keep in mind basic real combat theory states that defending is easier than attacking in most cases, a person raiding a spoofed territory has the positional advantage of defender later when FPS becomes a factor. Likely beta players territory (spoofed or not) wont gain level up points… But attackers and taken over territory will yield bigger level up points if there are such related to territorial actions/gains.

Thus by circumstances it will require more effort than freshly joining players, if anything will give them more to do immediately at lower hacking power cost, thus acting as an extended tutorial to help get used to the base concepts.


What about those with crappy phones. My phone tosses my GPS worse than a chefs salad. I am constantly bouncing around the map. I don’t use gps spoofing as I use games like this while I am already out and about. Will I be affected because my phone has issues tracking my GPS?


The GPS feature uses your connection to your ISP. If your GPS gets tossed around, it isn’t necessarily because you have a crappy phone, but also a crappy internet service provider (ISP).


Thats what i was getting at. My internet/phone service/shit phone is an all
in one deal.


I skimmed through the comments on this one and I saw a comment that this can only be done on Android and not iPhone. I hope I didn’t miss anything but I didn’t see any mention of this… There is a way to do this with an iPhone which utilizes Xcode on the Mac and developer mode on the iPhone. It’s technically a way to “test” using different locations when creating a new app but I know this does work to spoof locations in other Apps without any consequences.