Possible GPS Spoofing


Really? Today 2 spoofers come back to ingress on my City with the same level, all achievements… Now… I stop to play Ingress, we wait 2 years for them take a “ban” and now them come back…
%@&# this staff…
I traveled for playing on other countries… And them stay sitting on sofa…


Someone else might have brought this up but as far as I know this is only something that can be done by android users as the iphones unless cracked as far as I know not necessarily cracked either cannot spoof the gps at least not nearly as easy as android. So it gives a big advantage to android users but no to much to ios.


I’ve tried spoofing my GPS location @RaNar encouraged me to capture some of his tiles that were all the way across the country. It would just mark an error and crash.


Very nice! Was this before or after the update?


Before. This was around March


Awesome. So is this the solution to fight against Spoofers @tarun @IamYourVirtualFather?

I’m changing this topic to the “suggestions” category since there was no issue or bug of this kind. This seems more like a suggestion according to the original post @Kaj @RaNar @RandomName @rangerwolfy @DarthVader


Fine by me. I trust your judgment.


Im gonna go ahead and try it again. For uhh, safety reasons. @RaNar see if you find a gold one near you tonight


Might not be possible tonight. Have a party to go to. PM me please.


I can see how the tactical map is easy to spoof. But are we sure that it will remain like that? The interesting point for me is the first person shooter elements. I can also see how someone could spoof his soldier into the battlefield, but I fail to see how he would spoof the IR bullets that are shot from the phone attachment to any location so another one gets shot.


It is very easy to spoof in this app, in Pokemon GO it was unplayable if u had mock locations on, they should do the same for the tactical map.


Anti spoofing is not a such an easy thing to implement. We will try various solutions and use which works the best.

If you folks have any suggestions - do let us know! :slight_smile:


Being unable to play with mock locations seems to be the first step. After that, i have seen that spoofers get banned from other gps games because they are in 1 spot for too long. Meaning, when you play your location can be (0,0) [lets use a 2D grid for this example] since the gps isnt 100% accurate, you will notice a small movement or drift in any direction while you’re standing in one spot. So you could be at (0,0) but the gps says you’re at (0.001,0.03) one second, and the next you could be at (- 0.02,0.01) and so on. Now, spoofers SET their location to a certain coordinate. They will be at (0,0) the whole time. I suppose its worth a shot doing research with the devs to see how they can detect these differences and know which players are spoofing.


That’s not entirely true.
Pogo bots where free to download from github and there they had things like introduce drift (that automatically offsets your location ± 0.005 on each coordinate every few seconds) also moving in straight lines trough buildings was avoided where bots follow google roads. Even altitude was taken into account with such bots.

Again, spoofing the tactical map seems like a realistic thing. But spoofing the FPS is not due to the need of the inceptor. So the real issue will be the tactical map, but can also run over into FPS due to advantages there.

Suggestions to get discussion going:

  • make tactical map what the name suggests. Something for tactical use / planning / bird eye view of the battlefield. (Ability to perform actions is fine in beta, but should be limited in final version.)

  • building / upgrading etc can only be done when the inceptor is connected and by moving to that location. (This connects to another suggestion)

  • make drone flights limited. Something like 100 flights per day per level. It makes sure there is interaction with people before an account can be botted for farming resources. After the limit is reached you need to go outside or wait.

  • log what accounts pair to what inceptor and soft limit the amount of accounts an inceptor pairs to. For example, 1 inceptor can only pair to 4 different accounts. (Ppl may loan their inceptor to other people) when account 5 pairs to the inceptor you need to go online and request a reset of paired accounts. When for an inceptor there is high amount requests to reset you can flag for investigation of accounts. Just automate the process, request comes in, check if there are 5 requests made already. Less than 5 and reset automatically and do +1 on the counter. It’s already 5 then flag for investigation and reset. At that point potentially 20 accounts paired to same inceptor. It’s not impossible but it is unlikely.

  • have IR shots hitting people be verified by the shooter account. I don’t know the exact way the shooting and IR data packets work, but you don’t want someone to clone an IR data packet and transmit it from say a raspberry or other fake device. When such a raspberry shot hits someone the account that got hit should verify that the account that shot actually fired in the app / inceptor is currently connected or something like that. Even if it doesn’t work with IR but something else, it can be cloned and repeated from an home made device.

Obviously not all may work or make sense. The numbers are just examples. But let’s get some brainstorming started. Remember that this is NOT niantic :ok_woman:

Benefits of Boting

Hello Guys!
I think there is so many people that used the beta version of the Father.io map. You can use a fake GPS application in your device to mock your location to go to different areas and harvest all the resources. In my opinion Father.io developers should punish that with a ban system.



I agree this is a very serious issue imagine the raids they could do with this gps fake location I think @Kaj @tarun @IamYourVirtualFather @Sapper should see this


A lot of things are already being implemented to prevent spoofing. There is another open topic about this.


I tryed to use a gps spoof and actually works I can harvest all the things in my school! I am against spoofing but that work! Fix this PLS xD


As the Dev team. We need to remember that this is a beta and at this time all the anti spoofing measures may not be a priority.


You will certainly not even have a game without proper anti-cheats.