Possible GPS Spoofing


I don’t know if someone mentioned that already or have reported that but you have to make sure that the game does not allow Mock-GPS-locations. At the moment there is not check so I can just capture fields anywhere in the world by using the app “Fake GPS…”.
The mock-locations where a big thing in Ingress because a lot of people where cheating like that.

Fake GPS / Mock Locations

Isn’t this still possible in ingress though?
GPS spoofing is easiest detectable when the cheater exagerates or messes up. When done correctly it is almost impossible to detect (taking into account real travel times and velocity). I’m not going to expand on this to prevent abuse but I’m sure FF and his team are already aware of this potential risk.

I myself have spoofed locations on android in the past but that was for professional testing purposes.


Well that’s… disconcerting.

However, I won’t be one of those to cheat just to get ahead. I’ll fight with rules of engagement and the standards of the game, because that’s good gamesmanship. It’s not as if I’m back over there, after all.

For the strategic side, I’d prefer folks didn’t do this. In the FPS, if you’re going to fight, you should fight dirty if need be, but we’re not looking to actually harm individuals here.


I fully agree with @Thanatos357. He makes some valid points. But as he stated, we are not out to really hurt anyone. But I will state this for myself, anyone who physically hits me, they’ll regret it.


Agreed. And likewise, those who game GPS to get ahead… warnings to be issued, then temporary bans to ensure it doesn’t happen. I don’t want this to turn into a game for hacks. I think we can all agree we like the idea of clean fun, physically building ourselves up while also seeing the sights we have around us to see.


The only ability to fake gps would give you the ability to claim and capture. The FPS shooter side of it is using your phone itself with an attachment making it to where you have to be able to see the person to physically tag them in real life. Think it would be very hard to do that via Fake GPS.


Yeah I know that :slight_smile: I ain’t stupid :smiley:
But still capturing stuff in America while I’m in germany would still be cheating and would give my team and advantage :slight_smile:


We know fake gps problem of ingress. We know how to detect it. There will be more check in place than in ingress.
This doesn’t mean is 100% uncheatable, but much much harder.


Ok :slight_smile:
That’s all I wanted to hear :wink:


Also the power bar will limit the fake gps cheaters as it limits the number of gps actions you can do per hours. This are things you can solve with tech and algo, but also game design :slight_smile:


Amen. I’m all about fair play, but I’ll dance to the tune if they play it, haha.


Glad to see I’m not the only one. :slight_smile:


@TaterChip @RaNar Father.IO themed brass knuckle phone case


Can I? Can I please??? O.o


This shall happen. Haha


We don’t need no inceptors :slight_smile: let’s just have a good old fist fight :smile: :smile:


I’ll take you up on that. :smiley:


Wonderfull notice, I play ingress for a long time. And in my City today have many spoofers. Bcs that I stopped to play. Gameplay for ingress turn to impossible. U conquest a portal and in 2 sec other agent destroy ur portal, but where I stay on moment… I stay alone… No cars, peoples, dogs… Anyone on circle range… :expressionless:
Seriously… Make a strong anti spoofers on Father… Only that…


If anything, it’ll only work in the Tactical Map. Even then, you can still report players.


Last week in Ingress they started dropping the Ban-hammer to all spoofers. One of the things I like about Father.io is that even in the very beginning, the team said that they would do a handful of things to limit/ban spoofers.