Portugal team? Anyone?


Portuguese concentration anyone???

Concentração portuguesa!! Alguém???


Please write in English or at least translate it so that everybody can read what you wrote. Thx :slight_smile:


I’m so srry concentração portuguesa means Portuguese concentration and alguem means anyone


Added the translation to the original post. Thanks @RandomName for flagging.

@JoJoh make sure you read the forum rules as there might be some other interesting things to know there. :slight_smile:


thanks by the re-right


Portugues Faction Humans


Humana!!! For the win!!!




When it is updated




Where i can buy the inceptor?


Check out this page to get an Inceptor, @Paic26.


When the game is updated?


The game is planned to be launched end of March / early April.


De que zona es tu? Paic26


Alguem sabe o que é que pode substituir, por enquanto, os inceptores?


The translation:
Does anyone know what it is that can replace, for the time being, the Inceptors?


@Manel We don’t have the ability to play the First Person Shooter side of the game with the Inceptors in the beta right now. It will be impossible to play the FPS game without the Inceptors too. We will get the Inceptors in April/May of 2017.


Sim Quroe mas eu estou a dizer mesmo com o Firdt Person Shooter não ha nada que consiga substituir o inceptor por exemplo um hach do jogo? Tu entendes sendo mesmo depois de abril/maio de 2017?

Yes Quroe but I’m even saying with the Firdt Person Shooter there’s nothing that succeeds in replacing the inceptor such as a game hach? Do you understand being even after April / May 2017?


@Manel I understand that March/April 2017 is far away, but as far as I know at the moment, there are no “hacked” replacements for the Inceptor yet.

3rd party sellers may try to make some of their own “hacked” Inceptor in the future at a lower cost. Who knows? It just comes down to how well other firms can play around the Inceptor Patent and making their “hack” compatible.