POI Buildings-What to look for and common places


I’ve gotten a ton of requests asking how I manage to find massive POI building locations and figured I just share what I’ve learned.

father.io poi buildings are, of course, generated using the real world buildings. The type of building is determined by the industry in which the real world building belongs to.

Solar cell: resturaunts, fast food chains, truck stops, cell phone stores

Coin generators: retail stores, vending machines, department store, auto repair shops

Banks: banks, credit unions, money exchanges, western unions, money grams, tax services

Multi-Resource Buildings (white/yellow) - these are rare and hard to find but the ones I’ve found come from these buildings: Concert Pavillion, Ampetheatre, Starbucks (Large Flagship style stores), DutyFree Stores

Top places to locate poi buildings in mass:

  1. Airports!! Airports!! Airports!! There are tons of poi buildings in an airport. ATL has over 50 per concorse.
  2. Outlet Malls
  3. Food courts
  4. Malls
  5. Universities
  6. amuzement parks like 6flags
  7. sports venues and stadiums
  8. city centers
  9. Office parks
  10. Convention centers

What is this building?!?

Nice this list is very helpful :slight_smile:
I didn’t even know that there are two types of those strange buildings


Thanks @Huggybear187. Really appreciate it.


This is UC Berkeley. I caught a smurf there


Thanks by the info I live in Portugal but yesterday I caught a plane to visit London anyone noes the best places to claim here???


In London hit the airport!!


Wow!! If my clan members were any where near that we would scope that up so quick…

Prime territory!!!

Can you build a bank anywhere though? It looks like there isn’t any open spaces to build a base


I wish my area looked like that. In Washington their few and far between. Maybe the map is just not as updated in the U.S. :cry: Cause I love the potential I can do with it.


is there a major mall? I found food courts are also high building areas


concorse c


I work at an outlet mall. And nothing. I’ve had to have my wife drive around just to find anything. I’m growing very slowly just for that reason plenty of space claimed just not much resources. A zoom out feature would be helpful.


I am in the US. Berkeley, CA is where i took this pic. try to go near a university and you’ll find lots of POI


Some places I’ve run into with mass POIs:
-Waikiki (Honolulu, HI)
-6th Street (Austin, TX)

Surprisingly, there are no POIs in Six Flags (California).


Adding lots of POI at airports may seem like fun.
But think how security will look at you when you decide to batlle over a POI there with a rival.
Perhaps not the most sensible location to add POI.



I like the six flags idea as well


Reminder that the app uses openstreetmap.org for POI reference. Its the same source that the new Snapchat map uses and can be edited on a browser to add POI that will later be added to the game and Snapchat. I know cause I’ve tried it and it works and this could possibly be exploited to have the equivalent of “couch portals” from Ingress. I know because I added a couple (fake) POI on top of my bed (for research obviously, I also took them down) and they do show up in game