Players ranking


Will there be a ranking of the best players? And what will it be based on? (Kill, resources etc.)


You know what? This is actually a good question. Does anybody know the answer for this one?


I dont know, maybe too early. This wont be like a christmas console game on day 1 where millions will have it right away. The data may be somewhat curved perhaps and may be great to add later when it spreads wider? I played overwatch at a friend’s place and noticed there seemed to me no tracking and i had no less fun. Personal Stats seemed to be tied to individual matches vs the detailed Battlefield/COD depths.

Perhaps theres room for a bit more of a revolutionary aproach, a new look at or type of stats? Perhaps task challenges beyond the norm of some sort? (Burnout Paradise style) maybe no “free falling headshots” though obviously… But then, that would make for some great failarmy videos on youtube.