Players in Los Angeles, California


Hi if their are any people that play in LA, Human or Evolved, tell us.


Not really in LA, but I plan on traveling there often once the game releases.


Not LA, but in San Diego. close enough i would say


wow well ill be human and your evolved so we cant team up but if I’m ever down there ill let you know.


Yay another LA player! I’m getting the 10 pack (or 2) with a bunch of friends so we will have 10-20 new players coming in soon!


Reseda but i dont play yet


Looking to join forces with other Human beta players interested in building an early infrastructure for troops in Southern California region.

Release time is nigh! Resources collected in beta will carry over to the final release!
Get Inceptors now before they go up in price or out of stock!

Look forward to seeing everyone out in the field; Humans vs Evolved! Epic!

– General HanSolo
"Never tell me the odds!"