Play with friends offline via wifi hotspot


I have an idea. Can you make this game like playing with friends offline with just wifi hotspot and playable without the inceptor? Please because if this thing happens this game will be on top because there are lot of people who can’t afford to buy the inceptor but want to play this game.


Hi - it is clear most of the people don’t (or don’t want) to understand what is the purpose of the inceptor. There is no possible way to detect an enemy and recognize him by the phone camera. We know that this can limit the number of users, but we know also that Player Unknow sold over 18 millions of copy this year, and cost $30.


Yeah I know about the inceptor but because here in the Philippines I didn’t saw anyone playing this on multiplayer yet because they can’t buy inceptor. If there is other way like just puting a bots to be an enemy it would be more fun for the people who can’t buy inceptor . Just like what the Pokemon go did with the phone who have gyroscopes… I hope you can we are really excited to play this game on park but we can’t afford here the inceptor :slight_smile:


I hope you can upgrade the like that with the use of gyroscope it will be like the people who can’t buy will given a chance to play offline with just wifi hotspot because.30$ is already expensive to other country like Philippines I really wanted to play with friends. But for the inceptor it will still be used for online multiplayer or premium players :slight_smile: who really wanted to be on top.