Pink note glitch on opening screen


Hey I found this odd glitch when you open and then exit opening up another app and then go back to you get this

i know your all thinking AHH!! THE LEGEND27!! For all you old school first gen pokemon fans it’s clearly the missing No. But no its harmless all you need to do is restart the game and it’s fine just wanted to get this out there thanks guys for having me I might spoof with this a little bit in my next comment on this just so y’all get a laugh


HHMM… what device are you on @Sniper71? The Dev team will probably have it fixed in the release but best to procide them as much info for testing.


Well @rangerwolfy it’s the android 5.1 and as I said it’s harmless just restart the app and it’s gone


Haha I guess the virus Father.IO enjoyed the original Pokémon games :sunglasses:


Yeah agreed @Sapper :wink: