(Physical) Weapon attachments


Ok, so i think this would make the game more realistic in the FPS part. (Maybe even too realistic) I know theres been some uhh, recent events that really (negatively) impact this idea but it could work if we had some bright colored attachments or something slightly different than a gun. Who knows, it might even become a trademark for the game itself. Obviously they would be used at discretion and preferably only on pre- scheduled events where only the players are in the area. (So no bystander gets freaked out and calls the cops) might even be treated sort of like a paintball gun? What do you guys think?

A gun accessory to attach in a mobile device

It’s already on another thread


This would be cool if the “gun” had nfc or similar so that the app behaves differently, i.e. accepts physical trigger input. It wouldn’t even have to look like a gun, it could just be a cool looking phone mount with a trigger on the bottom. It would be super cool if you could attach different barrels or parts to the main frame to use it as a different weapon, like sniper barrel and stock for a sniper, nothing for pistol, etc. I think that this might just be something we make for ourselves, because the father.io team would have to manufacture more hardware and it isn’t completely necessary. I could see this as a customizable 3D printable/cheap accessory. It would be a bit like TekRecon if you have ever heard of that.


Or if, as mentioned in another thread, if the game makes a global tournament, then these could be a “optional” accessory.


This is something they might consider in the future. For now however their focus is on the basics.
The FPS app, the Tactical Map fucntions and the hardware (inceptor).


What if police showed up seeing people with guns?


if you want, you have to play airsoft
I think we have enough really looking weapons
my opinion


Thats why they should be different. like bright neon color or with lights or logos of the game


Go ahead and use them! I’m all for seeing the enemy better :smiling_imp:


Wouldn’t it be awesome if Father.IO manufactured bluetooth gun/rifle accessory for our mobile devices to play on the battlefield?


you got the inspector
i do not think they will make it look like a real gun
i don’t think they or anyone else want to find them self on the news with "Shot by mastike for holding…)


Agreed with you @Black_Blade. Otherwise this game will be banned all over the world for its “extremist” looks.


Well to be more clear… A obviously fake looking gun. Like something that looks like water gun. You know, to state the obvious that theres a phone on the accessory.


Inspector?? Lol psycho-pass much?


Please don’t double post. Edit your previous post to include a forgotten line. Thank you.

But whether the “gun accessories” were realistic or not would cause legal issues. Hence where some of us stated before that it would be reserved for Tournament style arenas. Not your every day outdoor use. (Unlike airsoft. And even then, you have to be careful. (Reference to the Grave’s Act. Please google it if interested. Only applies to certain US States.))


That would terrorize a little kid and freak out the parents for sure think about this a little kid catches a glimpse of the news and its about the war and sees a player outside and goes to his ma’ma saying “mommy there’s someone outside with things that they had on the TV.” She looks out the window and… Well I’ll leave it to you’re head to think of the rest I’m not against the idea but just think of the kids and not just you’re coolness :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Hence my comment about tournament style arenas. And not for every day battles.


I really am all for this type of peripherals for inside the arena type setting but we really do need some kind of way to hold the phone much better, outside of that battlefield. Something for everyday use, I made another post very similar to this post but about a handle/grip attached to the bottom of the phone.

I think this would look far from even a fake firearm, Nerf guns look more real.


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