Perks for the game IDEAS


So all the good fps games have 'em and I think we need 'em. Perks people! Things that change the Dynamics of a class and make it more flexible. I was thinking for a while about some perks ideas. And here’s a small list:

1: Something similar to bomb squad so you can see enemy placed equipment and mines.

2: A perk that gives an actual better minimap.

3: The perk to hack hack enemy stuff.

4: Something to make you stealthy and not show up on radar so long as you’re moving unless perk 2 is equipped.

And finally number five: The ability to carry extra ammo and equipment. Gotta have that.

That’s all I got please give more ideas and maybe they’ll listen


These are some neat ideas. There are also some awesome suggestions that you can find under this section ( of the forum if you want to entertain your brain. :smiley:


Lots of good idea’s here. I think some of them have been discussed by the development team but not sure exactly how things will come to life when these hit the real world.


Yeah because perks seem like they’d add a new depth of strategy in a way but then again it would turn it into sort of a rock paper scissors type deal


I think it will end up being a lot like a real life version of planetside


That sounds like fun


Then we’d need a third faction. And Sunderers. XD


please no nerfing… please…


no! no 3rd faction.


i dunno i could go red…