Pennsylvania shout outs


I’m evolved from Delaware county right outside of Philadelphia


Sweet. I’m in Millville NJ just a bridge away and 45 minutes from Philly. Glad to see someone close. Or close-ish.


Pun intended?


Aww, yay! you have a playmate now xD


South-Central Rural PA.


We got a 4 pack. So if you guys wanna battle let me know. Holla


I’m in and around saucon valley… I saw one other player’s claimed area at quakertown… Wish my school would buy a pack!


You’ve got Quroe here, Evolved! Cumberland County PA for college, and Cecil County MD when I’m home.

Locked and loaded with the 10 Pack of Inceptors too.


I’m in Sellersville along with a friend of mine. We are both anticipating the arrival of our inceptors.