Payment methods



I live in The Netherlands and I was wondering which payment methods are available.

Mostly for non-NL purchases, I use Paypal or iDeal.

Hope to hear from you.


Indiegogo lets you see the available payment methods and shipping costs BEFORE creating an account.

Just make sure that you understand what Indiegogo is, and that you’re not actually BUYING the product when you are pledging.



but on Indiegogo,when purchasing a perk, you actually pre-order the inceptor(s) right? So actually I am purchasing a product, only it’s shipped Q3 2017.



Sorry, I had to re-read the perk description on Indiegogo. You’re right. Buying a perk at this time means pre-ordering.

Sorry for the confusion


No problem hehe.

But is there a way for us dutchies to purchase the inceptors where we can use paypal, because not everyone is using credit cards.