Patience is a virtue


I’ve noticed a lot of people being crabby and I may not know the official release and shipping for a fact but I know it is soon. If we can all just be a bit more patient it’ll be easier on us and the devs. Just a thought


Ild be with you 100%… but the lack of meaningful and timely updates negates our patience , doubly so after delays … Just playing devils advocate …


Patience without an ending feels like a waste of time. I’m excited for the game and interceptors but it feels like I’m waiting for nothing. Then again this was an IndieGogo campaign so timing is everything. I’m hoping they don’t just shut everything down. Knock on wood.


As a backer from the beginning, including the gofundme campaign, I am a bit upset about the lack of updates. The last update they gave us about when the inceptors would be shipped said there was about a 2 week delay. That should’ve put the shipping date at the beginning of August, 2 months ago! To not have been given a new update on the expected timeline is wrong. Not a way to run a business. I understand that issues happen, but to not give us updated information on it is what is causing us to be “crabby”.


The simple fact that they haven’t stuck to their own words when it comes to updates and release dates wears my patience very thin…


There was an update sent via email to Indiegogo backers, on September 14. I am not patience nor upset with these delays, I just don’t feel the excitement anymore. When it started, I thought that the shipment was within just a few months, or at most by the end of 2016. My mistake. But I have no experience in manufacturing process of electronic devices, so maybe this kind of timing is normal… who knows…