Pathfinder/Moderator Call Out



So as many of you know the Inceptors are shipping. (at the time of writing I’m anxiously awaiting my Tracky) That also means that the FPS app is released. I can stop saying soon now…well maybe. Alright Enough fun down to business. With all of this we are going to see an influx of people joining the game. That means the Mod team will have to grow. Our primary goal is to find polyglots.

So this is a 2 part process.

  1. If you are a polyglot please fill out the form below in a reply.
  2. if you are English speaking only - we are accepting nominations for more MODs but as we want to grow the team we are not allowing self nominations for this. If you want to nominate an English only speaker fill out the form for them.

The reason for self nominations for polyglots is well we don’t always know what they speak. There will still be an evaluation of all submissions


Why i have to use Discord , and no another messenger app


Hm. Where Do I find the link to the discord user in the mobile App?


When you say polyglot you mean at least 2 langages? Like english and french?


yes we do