Password/ logging in


Good morning all. I am having trouble logging in to my account. As well I haven received my interceptor yet.


can we please get more information?

have you tried:

For former tactical map users it is possible to migrate resources, though there is a different procedure if you registered with facebook or with your email account.
If you registered through facebook: you will just need to sign up with facebook on the new app. The system will pop you the old tactical map username, which you will be able to confirm. Once done, you will also get your old resources back: energyCores, coins, areasCount (# of claimed areas). If you registered with your email account and a password: you will have to sign up with your tactical map email address and pick a new password. You will get a confirmation email to activate your account. After clicking on the activation link you will find on the confirmation email and restarting the app you will automatically be assigned your tactical map username and its resources.
work is in progress, as we needed to shot down the server of tactical map before doing this, but as far as I know, coins, cores and username are all safe


Can someone please help me. I can’t reset my password

May the Force be with you


I believe I made a mistake and entered the wrong player name associated with my email log in, is there any way to change this or is all my beta testing map info lost because I accidentally used the wrong game name?


P.S. I haven’t received my inceptors yet.