Package Tracking


After receiving the shipping notification (Jan 05), the tracking status on the Aftership website did not update once the package arrived in the US (Jan 13).

This is due to the fact that after the package arrived, it was passed off to DHL eCommerce (Jan 17) after sitting in Customs for 2/3 days.

If you use the 4PX website, you can then get the new tracking number, and then run that through DHL’s tracking.

According to DHL, my scheduled delivery is Jan 20, after being passed to a USPS facility, so fingers crossed.

Oddly, the DHL site notes that the package was on the way to them on the 7th, and then doesn’t update until the 17th…

So, it seems Proxy42 should have just sent me the DHL Tracking number, even though it didn’t update as frequently as the 4PX one…

Number of site/carrier hops: Aftership -> 4PX -> DHL -> USPS
In conclusion: It’s a few hoops to jump through, but your Inceptor delivery can be tracked.


4PX is the one sending the tracking numbers.


Probably stuck in customs. Mine had no update for a week until it was released.


Mine said it was delivered on January 15th to the post office…its 29 January and no package yet. I’ve gone daily and the people at USPS have no idea.