Only question about download of beta test


Currently I live in Brazil and the beta test not available in store play brazilian. But I had done some shopping when I was traveling. Managed to change the location of my play store to EUA In this way able to download the beta and get a better view of the game, since the first day I bought the device (perk) and didn’t want to be back, anyway.

At the time I needed to call friends to play, I did call around 87 friends. And all of them are having trouble downloading the beta release, since the play store are all Brazilian.

Is wrong I log into my account on their Smartphone and download the game for my Google account? PS: I did this procedure to download the game on the mobile phone of my girlfriend, because I had bought the interceptor for her.texto em negrito


I didn’t know you can’t download the APK if you’re brazilian! That’s not very fair. I guess you can use your account to download it in multiple devices, and it goes without saying that if you log out there wouldn’t be any trouble. In fact my sister couldn’t download F.IO in his phone so I logged in to Google Play using my account and it worked just fine!

Good luck @Yonezawa! Everyone should be able to have an inceptor and play this game.


It should be available on Brazilian play store as well, what do you see when you follow this procedure on your or your friend’s phone?


Like that @tarun
Idk why picture appear with low quality…


instead of searching for on the play store, open this link on your phone :


Are they still letting people in for iOS


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