Only able to pair when the inceptor is charging


Hi everyone,

I received two inceptors last week and I’m not able to pair both with my Iphone 5s.

The only way it work, it’s when the inceptors are charging (light is changing between orange and green - see images below).

Do you have a solution please?




You need to have a separate game login account for each inceptor to connect, yes? After one is connected make sure you’re out of range with the other one, Yes?


Thank for reply @Ironman

I’m not able to connect a inceptor with my Iphone 5s.

The pairing work only when the inceptor is charging.


It’s a long shot, but please try to connect the Inceptor by clicking the"multiplayer" button on the home screen. Click the button multiple times in 10s intervals (for up to a minute)
Let us know if this worked for you


I have the same issue, but only with one of my two inceptors. Will try the multiplayer tapping, but I feel it looks like a bad battery actually


I’ve discovered something. Professionally I work with a lot of hardware also, and one of the stupid tests we sometimes do to check if we have faults with batteries or charging them is actually putting the device to your ear and listening. Guess what! My normally working inceptor is quiet. But my problematic one is softly ticking rly fast when you put it to your ear. This indicates a hardware flaw in the charging circuit. Can anyone else also check and listen closely?


Both of my inceptors are quiet.

I’m not able to pair them :confused:


I followed your instructions and nothing is working. My inceptors are still not able to pair.


Hopefully the new update will take care of this I have an extremely hard time connecting mine also at this time. Usually requires every program to be shut down and a soft restart then you might get lucky. Your phone may be outdated also I’m on iPhone 8 and have problems.


Just double-checking, is your iPhone’s Bluetooth on, are you giving permission to the inceptores to turn it on, have you try to manually pair your inceptor from your iPhone’s setting like a normal Bluetooth?

I’m not saying this is the solution but is worth to try.


Same problem here.
Without chargingcable connected the inceptor is dead.
The working inceptor is blinking all the time. The not working inceptor did nothing.

In sent a video to support, but after 6 days just a message that they investigate the video.
Not reallly good support.


Hi @joarode

My iPhone Bluetooth is on. And still, my Iphone not receive any message from the inceptor.

And I check inside my iPhone Bluetooth settings and no inceptor is there.

Do you know if will release a update soon?


Before I bought this product, I check the compatibility :wink:

The Inceptor device works with all iPhone 5c or newer and any Android phone with Android 4.4 or higher and Bluetooth 4 (Low Energy).


I have 6 inceptor’s. I could connected and sort of play when we had to use the QR code. I wiped my phone, signed back into my account and now I can’t connect to any of them. I can see 2 of them in my Bluetooth setting and pair them but they never connect. How do we get real support?


Depends on what you mean by real support. You can try all the things mentioned above to get them connected, write to their support email address or wait for the new app update to release.

But in any case - if you want further assistance by the community, please open up a separate thread, as your problem doesn’t appear to show the same symptoms (led alternating from orange to green while charging) as this one


I do have the same problem. My 2 Inceptors are malfunctioning since I got them. Both start charging with orange light, and after a few seconds they turn green. After that they turn Orange again, and green again and so on.
Because of your post, I listened closely when they are charging and indeed there the fast softly ticking sound.

Because of both the ticking sound and the constantly colour-changing-while-charging, I would come to the conclusion the batteries are just dead.
Have you tried replacing the batteries? I am gonna try. If I am succesfull, I’ll update it here on the forum.

As promised I would update this post of I were succesfull. And I was!
Like @Jinxvar said it’s a problem with the charging of the battery. Because of the low energy Bluetooth of the inceptor in combination with the inability to turn off the inceptor, when not used the battery is slowly but completely drained to the point where it is unable to charge again.

So, probably almost all problems mentioned with batteries, charging, lights changing between orange and green, connecting etc. are caused by dead or near-dead-batteries.

Fortunately there is a solution!
Of course you still can contact support and try to return your Inceptor for a new one or a refund, but there is also the option to replace the battery yourself. Pic below shows battery in grey:

Only thing you need, is a new battery (which I could salvage from another device), some patience and very low-level knowledge of Electric device.

And I can tell you that my Inceptors are working again. They charge (without softly ticking sound), they keep charged after disconnecting From power source, they connect to the app, and work like it’s supposed to when playing.

I hope this helps if your having problems with your Inceptor, battery or connecting.
If there is need for a detailed description/pics how to replace the battery, replacing or pm me.

my inceptors flash green and orange but do not load
Inceptor can't connect. Constantly blinks red

Same! im amandaknox on discord and i solve the problem bue my self like you!


Hi there, I’ve got the same problem light ciicmibg when charging, flashing orange and green. I’m just wondering what battery you used to replace the original, did you solder or just crimp on to the existing wires?


I fixed 2 Inceptors, for which I accidentally had 2 old Bluetooth headsets lying around. One plantronics pro and one medion.
The important thing is that the battery is 140mAh with 3,7V.
Most Bluetooth devices use these kind of batteries, so they are pretty easy to scavenge.
Also one of my replacement batteries was 120 mAh, which does not matter because this only affects how fast the battery drains (mine lasts a little less than the standard 2 hours).
Furthermore you can solder if you keep the wires on both the printplate and battery, but twisting them together will work as well, provided you tape them afterwards to avoid short-circuiting.

Also, batteries of the same mAh /V can be different in size from the original one. This does not matter, I placed one of the battery under the printplate and it works fine.

But, it can be possible to revive the battery without repairing, if you use an adapter with a different voltage for 30 sec. I believe it is 5V3a.


I also have the Orange/Green Ring Of Death

Quite pissed off as they only got used briefly last year and when i came to use them this weekend dead as a Dodo!!!

Having read this thread i think i’m going to change the battery and also add an on off switch to stop the slow discharge that causes this.

am thinking for the batteries:

and for the switch:

anyone more knowing than I able to offer pointers as to if this combo will work ?