Offline map and switching sides


Hi everyone,
I believe that a good idea is to make the map able to be downloaded. I mean that any player will be able to download the map and can play the game offline or to go out without using 3g or 4g. That way it would be easier for the players to travel, claim areas and battle each other.

Also my second question is how can I change sides in the game? For example how can I change from human (that I am now) to evolved? Is any way to do that or will this be added in the future?

  1. with as intensive as this game will be i dont think an offline mode will work as far as areas without cell service those are fairly uncommon in most areas and when they are come across players can be pretty resourceful as to get around them.

  2. im not sure exactly how to change sides right now but that can be done in the future. How that will be handled or what "penalties " if any will be done its yet to be decided.


n my opinion, I think this idea is not good because you are hacking in offline mode / glitcher and then it is rather bad ^^ and still what is a GPS map a game so can not work excuse is bad in English will be with Google translate :confused:


Can I have a translate of your answer in English please? Because this forum is all in English.


If an offline map is not possible, perhaps a game mode that you can do while you’re offline? There are some areas with low network coverage.


Games like this dont work in offline mode


Perhaps there could be a middle ground in terms of offline modes. Maybe there could be a way to download the local map in your area so that it doesn’t need to be downloaded each time the game is booted. I would appreciate that option, personally.


Right now every time you play everything is downloaded. Later on it will be updated to handle json and other data at a lower rate. but a true offline mode leads too much chance for abuse unless the offline mode would be completely independent of the actual game.


Alright! That sounds like good news. I would be a happy player if we were given a switch in an options menu to choose between a data conservative or storage conservative mode.

I don’t know if that’s how things work in the world of programming, but if we’re given that choice in an obscure menu, the players who appreciate the feeling of agency over their smartphone would be happy.