Official-Unofficial Project Update


I got this email from the Father.IO IndieGoGo system on Dec 22, 2016. I haven’t seen anything of the sort pop up on the forum, so I’ll just pass it along. Check this out!


Hello Father.IO Community,

Our Designed for Manufacturing Inceptor has just passed its last optical test and results are amazing.

The hardware is great as expected and we can’t wait to show you more of it.

We can now confirm that:

  • The Inceptor has a certified attack range “hitbox” cone of 2 meters diameter at a distance of 50 meters, as promised

We tested the Inceptor with several light conditions

  • Range, damage, rate of fire, accuracy and reload time parameters are highly customizable and will be combined together to create a lot of different types of weapons in

  • As you know Inceptors can communicate with each other using a Sub-GHz network. Last month we did a final range test demo and the maximum distance we achieved during our test has been 283 meters for the 868MHz version, and up to 483 meters for the 915MHz (US market) one. This mean that the Inceptor will be able to detect casual enemies around you in such area, and a will give a LAN-party lag-free experience everywhere you play.

Thanks for keeping on supporting us and to the next update: more news in the next days!

The Father.IO Team

Why no reports of authors

I don’t care about the Inceptor. Probably won’t use it much. Just want a better app.


But… @Brandizzle, the inceptor allows so much more with the app O.o I realize the few extra bucks can go a long way but why not join in on the fps part??


@RaNar, not everybody sees the value in the Inceptor yet. Some people need to see others enjoy it first, but those who get it first will have a blast, I’m sure. We need to build value in the Inceptor before the majority of the people in the market hop on board.


Actually, I bought two of them… but I do not anticipate it being the strongest selling point of the game. When Ingress was fresh and full of potential, I could bump into a friend/stranger, tell them about it and get them playing immediately. On the spot. If this Inceptor is too heavily relied-upon, it will prevent people from joining. Not because of price or availability. But just because it is any more complicated than just opening an app. And to those who do have them; if they are left at home or lost, people are going to stop playing. And this is with the Inceptor working perfectly… which I can almost guarantee it will not. Battery life and heat issues with the phone and Inceptor will be a problem. And dealing with slow/spotty cell coverage is going to take a significant amount of innovation.
And even if you forget all of that, I have dealt with games and social media enough to know that people will not play fairly. Sensors will be blocked or modded. People will be jerks. It’s a lot easier to reduce (not eliminate) douche-baggery if you take it out of the physical world.
So, if the focus is too hard on these Inceptors, and they just don’t work out, I don’t want the rest of the game to fail. He has a lot of great ideas that I want to see happen!
That’s just my take. I hope I’m wrong.


I understand what you think, but I think the need of the Inceptor for playing part of the game won’t matter that much. It has a cost, you have to wait for it, but it offers something that is much more than a cellphone app. I mean, for the price of the Inceptor you can pay for a single paintball session. Even if you only use the Inceptor for lan-parties with friends, I think it’s not such a high price for having the possibility of a laser-tag match anywhere, anytime. And even if you only play the strategy game, participating in certain battles can be interesting. I think people are actually going to buy it - they have already collected $430,000 -


no tagger/interceptor = pointless
Unless you just want the fluffy RPG aspects …


How do I purchases an interceptor.


I got another email! This is also posted on the Father.IO IndieGoGo page.

Dear Father.IO community,

Welcome back and happy 2017!

Some other good news just right after the start of this crucial year for Father.IO.

As anticipated, we decided a few months ago to move our production to China: at that time we could not disclose more information with the community due to some sensitive information, but now we can officially announce that we have partnered with the innovative product developer and retailer Brookstone to have them manufacture our Inceptor hardware in China for us and be our key U.S. retail launch partner in 2017.

Brookstone is a U.S.-based product developer and retailer of wellness, entertainment, and travel products that are fun to discover, smart to use and beautiful in design. Brookstone products are available at its 200+ retail locations at malls and airports throughout the U.S., online at, via its Brookstone catalog and through select premium retailers.

This partnership has allowed us to focus our effort more on making the best possible Augmented Reality gaming experience for our players, while also having a strong control over the manufacturing process, and maintaining the best international manufacturing standards.

After the successful optical tests, we are also ready to show you the early prototype for the first time at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the 5th-8th January. Come visit us in Sands, Hall G - 50604 - Eureka Park Marketplace!

Get ready to kick ass, soldiers. 2017 is going to be amazing.

See you in few days!


Hi @Fredmfk! Good question. You can get the Inceptors from the IndieGoGo page which can be accessed by this link: Father.IO. They should ship out in April if you order them now.

Edit: I meant April! Whoops! March was for early shipments.


Brookstone …NOOOOOOO


Don’t let Donald trump find out. He will tax you. Lol