Objective based gaming modes


I don’t expect to play FFA or TDM forever.

My idea is to incorporate QR scanning into the gameplay. Imagine having a game object in the field with a QR code displayed on it. Players must interact with the game object by scanning the code to activate objective scenarios. These game objects can be placed in stationary positions.

Requires (2) QR Codes: (2) Bases
Scanning the ENEMY BASE QR grants ownership of the enemy flag. Flags can only be carried by one player at a time. If the FLAG CARRIER is eliminated, he/she will lose ownership and the flag will return to its base.
While in possession of the enemy flag, scanning the FRIENDLY BASE QR confirms a match point or match win.
All players are notified when flags are taken, returned, or captured.

Requires (3) QR Codes: (3) Bases
3 bases are designated throughout the area. Score points for your team by scanning a BASE QR CODE. These codes can only be scanned one after another. Players must rotate between bases to keep scoring. The first team to reach the score limit wins. Score updates throughout match.

Lmk what you folks think!


Helllllll yes


That would be an awesone idea for events.
Or in general for quick-play, but the thing is, that something like this can only work as soon as there are enough players. Cuz right now it does not seem like there are enough people playing the game to do something like a CTF.