No delivery, No reaction and No Reply


it is difficult to create a support ticket, even you can create but reply very slow or don’t reply your message!!

It has come to my surprise that my Father.IO Inceptors has been delivered(But NOT) after checking my email account. Thereafter, I checked SF Express noted that the Inceptors was return to your company.

Please note that I have JUST realized that the Inceptors has been return and unable to delivered. However I received a email was delivered stated in your email below. I am despite the importance of the unable delivered and return of a goods that may be brought to the buyer, at all material times, I have not received any phone calls from you.

It takes 3 months already, you said not been notified of anything sent back to you yet, and will checking with provider to investigate and cannot do anything to resend the parcel.

I send to ask you the update and no reply again! and it might involve extra costs to be resent to me if you got it back.

Once again, I did not received any calls / email / phones to tell me that any kind of the product is unable deliver to me. and I did not received any goods at all time. your company unable to send it to me and no reply and no action… can your company can take a good look in this case to solve the problem I encounter… Thanks. Moderator team

what email did you send it to.


I in a very similar situation!

I collaborated in May 2016, I waited patiently, I was contacted by Support to confirm my address at 12.22.
I replied, confirming my address, after that, … no reply, no contact, no Tracking Code, I have already written several times, and support does not respond.

Stupid (and believing everything would be fine), I still bought another one in December 2017.

Well, it’s unfortunate when we get such treatment when we buy something.
Worse still is when we financed something that was still in the project!

Order ID: 6935 May 31, 2016

Order ID: 8836 , December 7, 2017
Estimated Delivery Date: January 2018 (LOL)


I can’t agree with you more! So sad but true…=.=

One more thing you will know that they will ignore us at the end! WHY??
Because, after i create this topic (YES! i am this topic owner) my account was received a message as following

““This is an automated message from Father.IO Forum to let you know that your account has been temporarily placed on hold as a precautionary measure…””

MY ACCOUNT WAS ON HOLD!! and received an email “Your account associated with this email address has been silenced.”

They will do this to treat their customer who help them in the first place!

I am no doubt that THIS TOPIC will disappear very soon, good luck bro…

By the way My Order ID is : 1465 (very beginning)
and i did reply there message, but wont be display to all of you guy.
i sent the email to :



hi @icepurple888 / @Oscar It took me a moment to grasp the situation but I think I figured out what happened here.

Checking your IP I can indeed see that you first created the user Icepurple which was silenced and afterwards you created the oscar account to post a reaction.

I looked at the action log on your icepurple account and the system security measures silenced you for the reason below (screenshot).

Ofcourse I unsilenced it as this was a false positive. (I check the silenced list frequently and I would’ve automatically unsilenced you as your post content was valid :slight_smile: we get a lot of commercial posts that get tracked for the same reason as your post so it definitely is a good measure, just sometimes a fast new user triggers it too.)

No worries about the topic, it won’t get deleted!

I’ve brought this issue and @BeanSampa 's issue up to the attention of the team.

I’ll keep you guys updated.

Best regards,



Hello, Kaj

I did not want to be here publicly, exposing this.

But as I wrote: I have not got answers from Support since 12.22.2017

Thanks for assistance!


Hello Oscar, maybe now they look at us!


Thanks for your reply, but this action really make me misunderstood, confuse and sensitive. Please help us take a look what issue or problem on the shipment, for a long time. We all just want to have fun and play the new game with good stuff.
waiting for your update.

Appreciated much,


This is good news that the business faces the problem…(if it can be solved)
Ofcause i believe they can !!..LOL


I had asked the question on where and what was happening with my order and I was answer very promptly we an acceptable answer and shortly afterwards my interceptors arrived I had no issues I’m sorry to hear about your misfortune…


They are no action, no email, no follow up after the last reply on the forum.
As I said =,= very disappointed.


Me again!

I was contacted for the support of Father.IO on 03.05.2018

After that!

Almost 30 days have passed, so far, without further communication, without product, without tracking code.
I wrote to support more than twice.

Who else should I contact?

The IndieGogo campaign continues to attract more and more …
Estimated delivery: May 2018 (:joy:)

Maybe on 05.31.2018, two years of my contribution, I’ll receive something already obsolete.


Hi Bean,

I was in despair… i got same situation that no further communication.
I just want to warn who are going to investing on this product.

You will not received at the end.



Order ID: 6935
Order Date: May 31, 2016
InDemand - N00B Slayer 2 Pack - $75.00

Order ID: 8836
Order Date December 7, 2017
Estimated Delivery Date: January 2018
Inceptor SECRET Double Pack - $65.00

Easy, build a business using other people’s money.
And never deliver the promised!

Any more answer from: OR