Next update discussion


When we get our next update I wonder what’s going to be discussed in it. If it’s a full release update or not I still want to know what to expect


I will guess it will probably be the shipping announce and a full update.
Because they seems to wait the certification and after that,
it will be information for everyone!!! I hope


So, it seems they are 1/2 way through certification! I wish they would be a bit more vocal during the process, but i can understand not wanting to say something till there is something to say…

Heres hoping i will have in time for Christmas 2017!!


i would say 1\4 … hope for yule 2018 at this rate …


I’d be surprised if we had them for summer 18 at this point.


My order status has been marked fulfilled!! Christmas 2017 is looking good!


See here. The question is, have they shipped it or not?


Im forever the optimist, so hoping it means yes


I’m betting we get it extremely soon, personally