Needs a Power Switch/Button


It’s actually rather ridiculous that the inceptors don’t have this already, despite the thought put into them. I suppose the next best thing at the present time would be to, if at all possible, update the firmware with a button you can press in-app to make it turn off completely and save the battery from dying within a year of purchase. If the inceptor gets a hardware update, and I doubt it will this late in the project, where there’s some physical way to deactivate it, I’d consider paying again for the newer model. I know this may be an old topic, but I’ve search-bar’d the forums here and found no voice I consider vocal enough on the issue.


The problem if they add a power off button on the app is that we will not be able to reconnect to it after because Bluetooth will be disabled
The solution I found is when the Inceptor is powered off, we just plug the charging cable to reactivate it


And what happens when, after you don’t use your inceptor for a long while, the battery goes fully dead because it never turns off and it won’t hold a charge?


If you don’t charge it, it will simply be disabled and you just have to charge it
But I read that if you don’t charge it a long time the battery will die, it’s stupid for something we bought 40$