My thoughts and suggestions


So, I’ve had the beta for about 2 days now, maybe. I want to start by saying this is an AWESOME idea. I like the whole idea of it. The resources and territories, when fully implemented in the final version, should leave for a good experience. My main 2 suggestions is for one, a sort of clan system. Sure, you can have a fun time with 2 factions to join. But I think having clans may be a good way to organize people in said factions. Not like they do a whole ton sort of thing, but just like maybe, as well as the color around tiles, the center has the logo of the clan that does the most fighting for said territory and development, etc. Something similar to what’s in PlanetSide 2, if you’ve played it.

The other thing is more of a question. So, we have the base building side of it, with resources and whatnot. That’s a very important part of it, just as the part where you go out and fight for the land. But, how fleshed out will the map be in the final? Because it just looks very minimal right now, and I feel like the location function doesn’t track very well. I can move between 2 quadrants without even stepping an inch. I think it would be beneficial to use something like Google Maps or Apple Maps to try and keep everything organized like that (I’m not a developer, so I don’t know quite how it works). I think that could help alleviate the issue. Other than that, it’s awesome. I can’t wait for the full release!

Edit: One last thing, I just wanted to know how much customization there will be, with like different guns and whatever, different classes, that sort of thing.


I’m on board with the Clan system. However, I feel like it would be difficult to employ it exactly as you would see in Planetside 2 (PS2).

In PS2, it’s easy to get a Clan going because everybody just has to get online at a certain time; there’s little physical limitation because warping long in-game distances is a thing. In real life, you need to physically be at a certain location in order for that Clan to mean something.

I would be more in favor of a temporary party system, similar to that of Archeage where players would Party with other random players to complete quests in the local vicinity, then part ways afterward and dissolve the Party.

Perhaps having both a Clan and a Party system would be a good idea. Clans for more permanent and close-knit players who actually are around each other a lot, and Parties for one-off events.


That’s more or less what I meant. Stuff that is possible in real life, not warping! Unless, of course, you know how to teleport :wink:


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I didn’t notice that, sorry. Just joined the forum, lol.


So i think a lot of your suggestions will be already implemented in the final release of the game. they have teams to implement.

There will also be adhoc groups for other battles that dont require you to be in your team.

I’m pretty sure ive seen leader boards for various things but not exactly sure what it was.


there will be several different classes. Several different guns and things will be there. Not sure how much skins and thing will be implemented but they should have the capabilities to support this.