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“Melv2908-Yesterday at 6:30 PM
rangerwolfy, you are the most active backer i have ever seen on forums… and i congratulate you for that. You seem, just like me, to be very into all of this thing.
**So i ask you: what do you think about the release of the inceptor, app, etc… because i know i am being more and more dissapointed, but I still want to support the team…”because i know i am being more and more dissapointed, but I still want to support the team…are you positive its going to be released this year?


Wow that was a lot but as you said I am passionate about this. I have faith that we will get this in our hands soon, yeah yeah I said it :P. When we do the extra time will be worth it and I strongly believe that the lines of communication will quickly start flowing again. Am I positive about this year, only fools are positive. So I will say I am very very hopeful we will see it by the end of the year and I strongly think based on the latest update it will happen.

Long version:

OK sorry this took a second to write up got busy. I personally wouldn’t say that I am the most active person here but thank you. Alright on to your questions. How do i feel? Well I mean I’ve had highs and lows just like all of you. When I first found out about this game I was a little hesitant because I was really heavily into Ingress and I didn’t know how much I would want to come out of it. But then i still watched it and I was really impressed with the communication at the start it really impressed me with their activity. Then we started getting close to the original release date. As we well know issues started coming up and they start going silent. We have all said it that we want more communication. However, I know how small this team is and I understand the goal of what they want to pull off. But, I work in development so I know the stresses of what going on. It’s not always easy. I wish they would have been a whole lot better and I believe that when they do ship they will be able to start talking again. They are also looking at getting a CM and their primary role will be communication. These in my opinion are extremely important. They can make or break a game like this It needs to be the right person. Also I think they have invested some funds for this into more devs which at this point is probably a little better since when they free up; people like FF can handle some of it while the game takes off. Plus, they want someone in Torino, or at least willing to move there, so the market is pretty small.

So for the inceptor. I want it to last. I don’t want it to be something that breaks in 6 months so I personally admire their dedication to quality. Yes yes we will see when it ships but come one if their goal was just to ship and have it in our hand they would have made their OG timeline.

The app. There are some pretty annoying bugs out there and yes some are probably simple fixes but why fix and release something that is COMPLETELY going away. You could argue that they could release the new game now for us to try but we don’t know how easy that is with regards to the integration into the FPS mode. Yeah we will have a ton of stuff to do without one but If there is too much on that side to release right now I’m ok with that.

Now here is my biggest thing that i will say. With all the stuff above being said I understand 3 main things about this game and it’s current state.
1) It started on a crowd sourced platform. With these you buy someone’s IDEA not the product they are selling. We get something in the end but you’re really just helping fund someone’s dream. It is up to them to determine what that is and hopefully in the end deliver it to us. I can’t stress that enough. All 7K+ of us backed FF and his idea NOT his product.

2) As with many great ideas sometimes bigger things come along that cause complications. The move to Brookstone for instance. We are not in the meetings or the discussions for how this deal went down. From the little we can say it sounds like Brookstone from the start said that they couldn’t tell anyone until the deal is done. As much as we don’t like it that is a fairly common practice. Don’t believe me go google the Amazon Whole Foods deal. I’ll do you one better: << read that. Amazon threatened to walk away from a $13 billion dollar deal if anything was done other than accept the offer or if anyone outside found out about the negotiations. Is it fair for the company, Brookstone, to come in and tell them that that they can’t tell their backers what’s going on no but well life isn’t fair.

3) Kind of extends on 2. There are a couple other major backers outside of us throwing money around; upwards of 4 times what we have raised. 500k isn’t bad but there are other crowdfundings that have raised a lot more. So when these big money offers come along the people would be stupid not to take it. I was a major Wicked Weed brewery fan before they went macro sold out to AB but with the number’s I heard on that offer I know damn well I would never forgive myself if I turned it down in their shoes. With as talented as they are I’m sure they can find another way to come back to us better than ever should they chose. Back off my tangent. These new funding partners will then put new demands on a project that we can only dream about. There are now big corporations with truly legally binding agreements to deliver the product. Note I said product not idea here. These people want a return on their investment and have a legal standing to get it. While we may just be out a couple hundred dollars here or there on these things whole livelihoods could be changed by the item in question not meeting the terms of the agreement. This I also understand and realize that I need to be patient.

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Ok. So I am going to give fair warning here. I wrote this as a constructive, honest answer to his question with pretty much all my thoughts on the table. If you want to continue and have a constructive discussion with me either here or on discord I am open to it. But I


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Seems legit.
That’s the thing to that I don’t get.
When people just assume that the date someone says is an absolute. Time and experience should state that yes there will most likely be delays but in the end it will be better for it. I say and have said it before let the naysayers go and make the game better for those who are willing to wait for it.
I meen the scale of this alone is Incredibly amazing. And I would rather not have what happened to pokemon go at Launch happen to this game and loose half of the people at Launch because the we’re not prepared