My own Biocard for


I shamefully ripped off the Ingress biocard design and made my own biocard for! If you’ll ever see me, you’ll get one! If you want one before we run around with the inceptors, you can PM me, and I’ll send you one once they arrived. They will probably printed sometime during october and will be limited to 100 pcs., only available during the beta.


Not a bad thought. If I were you I would first check with @IamYourVirtualFather or @tarun or @Kaj first. Just my thought.
Although admittedly I like the idea.


I love this too! Would be great to make one and order a few too!


As long as he is not making money of it he should be ok as it’s just fan art.
Would be cool to some unique design of such a card though!


I can upload the Photoshop template later if you want. I would love to collect other cards from other soldiers :grin:


Mind you that this is an unofficial ingress biocard design based off the original ingress biocard designs.
Below is an official biocard.

Ingress agents started making their own biocards after there where unofficial biocards designed by Dion for Persepolis Utrecht Netherlands.
Dion then shared his template and that’s when everyone started making them. This unofficial template made Dion was designed for ingress, but that’s still his original photoshop design. (I also have this template and made free ingress biocards like the one for Amsterdam primary site) Dion might object against having this design used for Father IO. Therefor it may be better to use complete differend designs for Father IO.

Edit: Dion doesn’t mind but also pointed out that he only made a template of an original design by niantic for ingress.


There were Agent cards long before Dion was making them. There were two of us that started making Bio cards pretty long before anyone else started. This was started WAY before Persepolis, try right after Recursion.


True, there where biocards before that as well.
I have also seen paid services to have your own biocards designed, printed and shipped. (Not only paid services)
You’re absolutly right and I stand corrected.
To me it just feels that after Dion’s Photoshop designs went around the making of biocards really turned to a whole new level. I might be wrong there as well, but like I said it feels like it to me.

However, it doesnt take away that the original was designed by Niantic for Ingress.
The player made cards could be seen as “fan art” of Niantics original work.
Using that same design for Father IO seems inappropiate.


I am one of those paid services :slight_smile: Though with the design of Anomaly Site swag, bio cards have had to take a back seat. I’ve been working on Father.IO cards, but I’m waiting for them to get back to me with what they want in the way of a partnership/license agreement before I do anything like I do in Ingress.


Under no circumstances I wanted it to be the “standard” design for Father IO. I just wanted to share 5 minutes of boredom :sweat_smile:

Actually, it would be awesome if we, the community, design a Biocard. Maybe FF and his team could sell them on their site, more money for them, “official” bio cards for us. (On a side note, do you have some ViaLux swag for me? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:)


I only did St Louis this year and am probably getting out of Site Swag completely. Niantic runs their ship too poorly and 7 weeks to do designs and production is just stupid.


I didnt say you would want it as the standard.
Sharing the photoshop files and everyone starting to make their own versions might actually make it the standard without it being the intention. Maybe you have some change suggestions for my 5 minuted of boredom :smiley: .

Paid services as in making profit ?
With the templates that are shared as in Ingress I think people can easily make them on their own.

(ViaLux Swag, just visit 300 new unuiqe portals. thats all the swag you need)

I have based it on this original design:

Was looking at adding Father IO specific details for as far as we already have anything.
Still trying to find the right sizes, fonts, spacings etc …
Most likely the left bottom corner can fit the alignment, but I am not sure I like alignment on the front.
Probably Father IO logo on the front, alignment details on the back.

As soon as I am happy with the detailing etc then I can share the photoshop files for free use by anyone.
Suggestions are welcome.


Yes, I did make profits but I use my own templates that are slightly modified and I’ve sat down with John Hanke on several occasions and been given his blessing.


These are two versions that I came up with, to be more trading card and less Ingress.


I would agree with that. Additionally, I would add a Father IO text in the front. Right now, if I would see this in the wild, I would have no idea where this belongs to.

Thats also looking awesome, but I miss the space for a photo or such. Also, why is the Human logo bigger than the Evolved logo? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


It’s not, there’s one human logo and three evolved.


@SwagMaster I think that @Gnaggi means the black and white human on both cards.
If I had such a template I would replace it myself so it’s unuiqe to me.
It definitly looks awsome !!! Kudo’s @SwagMaster

@Gnaggi It was far from finished, just what I made so far in a few minutes to show that making something else is not that hard. Had different designs in mind as well, but due to prepping for ViaLux Cologne I didnt had time to coninue :frowning:


Well, it was just my 2 cents :wink:

ViaLux Cologne, eh? Are you ENL or RES?


Looks awesome! I would recommend changing the avatar to an android-looking avatar for the evolved. :wink:


If it is intended the be a static picture then perhaps even one for each class / gender / faction for more personal feel.
Female hacker / Male hacker and then both for Human and Evolved.