my inceptors flash green and orange but do not load


my inceptors flash green and orange but do not load,
what should I do? they are broken? @IamYourVirtualFather


they’re trying to figure out things: Here are the screenshots of the relevant posts:


battery is gone.


The same problem here, I’ve already written some times here and nobody solved this issue. Btw, issue pretty common, several buyers related the same … I felt very upset, I spent more than 60 USD with customs and DHL in Brazil and nothing! They cheating us …


the battery is gone! i replace the battery bye my self ! and now work fine


@Marcos Like already mentioned by @checcomapez, the battery is dead. I also replaced the battey, check this post Only able to pair when the inceptor is charging

Another option was mentioned at the discord-forum. If you have another charger with output 5v3A, you can revive it by charging it with the 5v3A for 30 sec and after that use a normal charger.