My contribution


hi i made a contribution to buy the inceptors and was wondering when they are coming out???
the contribution was made in july and havent heard since when they were actually coming out
many thanks!!


The first ones were going to be shipped by the end of this year, but due to some improvements and optimizations in the device and its compatibility with the software it has been delayed until march. I know it’s a long time, but, as we can play the strategy game meanwhile, when we receive them we will have a lot of enemy territories to conquer and a lot of own territories to defend :grin:


Hi mine was done in april so I need to wait till 2017 march ?


so now that we are into march 2017 when are are we expecting to get some thing maybe???


End of the month. We’re almost there.


[Father.IO intensifies]


Even more awesome is how its at about the same time as Ghost in the Shell is out. Talk about mood-flavor combo! … Coincidence?


Soon Soon!


ok we are now in May any suggestions on us seeing something maybe???


There is a post about it in the forum, I think. According to the new information update, the full version will be released in July and the inceptors will be shipped in August and September, as I recall. Can anybody confirm that?


Shipping and full release will start on July 31st. Early backers will get top priority with L33T going first. August 31st will be the starting shipment of everyone else from the orders up to a spefic date. I don’t remember the date correctly so I’m not going to guess. But then all further orders will be filled in the Q3 area. Again, if I am remembering right.


@RaNar: You are a mod, so I’m never quite sure if you got new info from behind the scenes, or if there’s been a mixup. Last update tells us that there will be a total of 15,000 inceptors beeing shipped by August 15th. That equals roughly every unit that’s been pledged for through the original indiegogo campaign. Could you please clarify?


I went back and reread the update. The first 3000 will be shipped by July 31st and the next 12000 by August 14th. It’s all laid out in that update. The following inceptors after that will be shipped at the end of Q3. All in the update provided on April 26th. (The latest one currently.)