Multiple Inceptor Sharing Help


I pre-ordered 4 inceptors with the hopes of having them for parties and letting friends connect and play and have fun little battles. Is there a way for me to own all 4 inceptors on my own account and giving each friend temporary access? It sounds like it should work in theory but i have yet to find a post on here to help me. I really don’t want to lose ownership of all of them in case different friends would like to play. Any help would be much appreciated.

Edit*** So if I’m understanding correctly I’ll scan all the QR codes in the boxes and then just share 3 of them and keep one? How does sharing more than one work exactly?


Activate 1 QR Code on your own account, then “share inceptor” (Father.IO - FAQ) for your three friends.

No need for you to scan the other 3 QR codes as well. as this has the exact effect you’re looking for (at the moment - with the current software version)


So I won’t need to


@lukewach thank you for bringing this to the forum, much easier to troubleshoot here! Could I ask you to create a new thread for your problem? I’ve got a few ideas and questions for you, but don’t want to hitchhike this topic

edit: new topic here: Multiple Qrcode