Moving to claimed areas that aren't close


So i was wondering how should i move to my claimed areas that aren’t close to where i live? It’s hard to find all the areas on the map. I would like to harvest from those areas, so i wouldn’t lose my resources because i got raided?

Also i already searched it, i may have missed it doe.


Yea that can be bit draining on morale but best i think is for everyone to go out to real life POIs and not focus as much as nearby their homes. The point is to explore the world. Parks gas stations, pizza shops, walmart parking lots, banks. All places where people are naturally going to goto at some point. I recently found a few enemy evolved squares near a tire shop while getting a windshield replaced… I NEVER would have thought to look near that area of town but someone was there.

Go about daily life and set things and others will know when someone else is in the area too. You will passively find some spots at some point and remember that area naturally.


I guess you didn’t quite understand me. Let me try to explain it better.

I got 2 claimed areas on my friend’s street and two on my own street. I would like to harvest from those areas that aren’t close(on my friend’s street), but are still mine.

I know that if i find it on map, i can harvest it with a drone but it’s really hard to find those areas. Thats why i started this thread.

I’m asking if theres a better way to see or control my own areas that i’ve already claimed and build upon. Or i really must waste tons of minutes searching the map? Ofcourse i can walk there and access it from there, but i’m not always there and i would like to collect my harvests from my place with a drone.

I hope my question is more understandable now.


Hey @drpzxc. I still believe @NXRACER answer is the best one for this case. There really is no alternative way right now.