More buildings per square / remove building


Given that the map is pre-populated with some areas having maybe 4 or 5 different buildings per-square, why can’t I build more than one in a square?
If not, why don’t allow someone remove a building from a square, at least if it’s been built by himself? When I first started the game, knowing almost nothing about it, I’ve built a solar panel in my home-square, but in a few days I immediately figured out it would have been a wiser choice to build a bank there…

Buildings built by mistake

Hey @evil79genius,

same question was discussed in the thread "What is your home base like?"

and @tarun wrote the following:

So I’ll confirm! The feature to “undo”/sell/remove my buildings would be nice :slight_smile: (Or to build more then one :wink: )


I think the second text from @tarun was about the fact that our GPS localized us at the wrong spot. Removing buildings in the beta is not available yet said @Kaj . :wink:


Isn’t it cool how we all of a sudden have more buildings to build in each area? :sunglasses:

Soon, maybe we will be able to remove buildings @evil79genius


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I wasn’t aware of the 3 building limit in the beta. I ended up building 2 vaults on the area that my house is in. I really wish that I could destroy one of those vaults, so I can build an Armory. I bet others have made the same mistake, building 2 of the same buildings in one area. On the building info page, please give us an option to destroy a building built by mistake?