Mid-Month Bug/Issue Roundup!


First, the mod team would like to thank you all for your hard work and dedication to testing this beta out and finding all the bugs and glitches - some annoying and others very beneficial! I hope you all enjoy this as much as the mod team enjoys combing through the forums :laughing: Let’s keep up the momentum and make sure that this game is at its best at the full release!

Here’s a list of bugs and glitches that have been noted on the forum, and their statuses:

These bugs/issues are in no particular order. Hopefully we can all confirm/deny/replicate these issues so that they can be fixed!
@IamYourVirtualFather @tarun @Kaj @RaNar @RandomName @rangerwolfy @DarthVader


That is amazing and very helpful! Thanks @sapper!


thanks @Sapper! - this is very helpful